Daelim History

Established in 1978, Daelim Motor has become the largest motorcycle company in Korea and one of the largest in the world. Daelim’s vision is created by listening to customers. Extensive research and development producesinnovation and advanced products that fulfil this vision. Exhaustive quality control and testing ensure customer confidence in Daelim products. This whole process creates products that are innovative, desirable and dependable, while at the same time fulfilling the Daelim promise of good value.

Daelim has always produced quality commuter based products, with robust, practical designs. However, recently customer needs for vehicles suitable for both commuting and leisure have increased. Daelim is at the forefront of this new segment.

Daelim manufacture products that meet the increasingly stringent environmental regulations throughout the world by producing technically advanced products. Daelim strive to be the leader in
the industry.

1962 – Began manufacturing motorcycles as KIA Industrial Company.

1978 – Daelim Industrial established.

1981 – Began a technical partnership with Honda for the
development of motorcycles. This partnership continued for over 20 years.

1982 – KIA Industrial and Daelim Industrial merged to form a new company, Daelim Motor.

1989 – First Daelim scooter race championships held in Korea.

2004 – Launched Freeway 250 scooter to huge success.

2005 – Began Exporting Auto Transmissions to Nissan.

2007 – Daelim Motor won the Hyundai and Kia Technology award in Korea.

2008 – Began Exporting Auto parts to Audi (Germany) and Jaguar (UK).

2010 – Launched all new water cooled, fuel injected, class leading Luxury scooter with many outstanding and innovative features.

Daelim KSRC

As a global motorcycle brand Daelim supports the motorcycle culture, motorcycle racing, education and training for safe riding. The Korea Scooter Race Championship – KSRC – is a good example. Daelim started the KSRC over 20 years ago, and now host the championships five times every year. Each KSRC event brings together 10,000 people to participate and spectate, promoting motorcycle and scooter racing culture in a positive environment. The championships have grown and grown and are now an international event.